Monday, January 27, 2014

It's almost been a year since I began this blog site and I admit I've been slack about posting the way I hoped to do.  Well, maybe not. The Craftsman will tell you he isn't much of a talker, and then add that he doesn't have to do so because I talk enough for both of us. Some days I actually let him get away with that nonsense.

If asked, I would describe myself as basically shy. If I'm around people that I'm comfortable with I can hold my own in conversations although I still tend to stand along the perimeter and observe rather than jump in and call attention to myself. Which is why this social media/promotional area is one of my weaker links.

Maybe the roots are in my childhood. Raised n the south, as an Army brat, I was constantly warned against making a pest of myself. I can recall going to a friend's house and as she announced that she was going into the kitchen to get a drink and did I want one, all I could think of was to tell her no. It never occurred to me to say yes, I would love something to drink. I didn't want to be a nuisance.

I'm approaching the publication of my first book -- in July of this year!

While it is something I dreamt of, hoped for, worked toward, now that it is approaching I'm nervous.
I want to be an adult, a professional, and handle the promotion as such. In today's world, I understand the publishing industry requires me to have a hand, at times a solo hand, in promoting my own book.  

Yes, I love this book. I'm thrilled and beyond proud that someone else thought it was good enough to publish. Of course I want people to buy it. I hope they will enjoy it. I'm terrified they will not. I want them to buy any other books I may be fortunate enough to publish. But I'm also scared to stand up, call attention to myself and say yes, please, please, please buy my book.

I've studied how some of the authors that I admire to see how they handle promotion. I've collected pens, note pads, magnets and bookmarks. If you ever go to a conference, there is an abundance of items. Some of these have enticed me to buy a book or read a new author. Other times, well, to be honest I just wanted the item because I thought it would be useful.

I'm more than happy to promote my fellow authors, either by way of Twitter, Facebook, word of mouth or attending book signings. Will I ask them to do the same for me? I know I should. What's more I know if I ask they will do so gladly and without reservation. Still, it's going to be hard for me to take that step.

What kind of promotional items appeal to you?

Oh...and please, please, pretty please buy my book when it come out :)