Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This past Saturday, at my writing chapter meeting, I had the honor of being recognized for my first sale. 

I would be lying if I didn't admit I've thought of, and planned, for this moment numerous times over the years. That very morning, as driving to the meeting, I considered what to say. Once I got to the front of the room, however, my mind went blank.

With this room full of people I know, adore, and who have supported me in various ways over the years, suddenly I was overwhelmed. I managed a few words, not nearly as adequate or eloquent, as I would have hoped. 

The reality is beginning to set in.

While I'm thrilled to have the label "Published Author" now included on my name on my Facebook page, there is a responsibility now to earn that label beyond this first book.

Luckily I have an amazing Critique Partner who encourages me, has faith in me, someone that I consider as a friend as much as an integral part of my business plan. More importantly, she helps me brainstorm.

For the past two days she and her delightful husband, stopped at our house mid-way through their adventure of re-settling their daughter at college. Yesterday we spent the day working out some back story and scene ideas for the beginning of the new manuscript.  We also managed to work out a few kinks in her upcoming novella idea and decided on when next we'd get together for another brainstorm/writing/goal setting weekend.  We are also going to try and start an every-other-week phone call dedicated to our current project. In between those calls, we'll no doubt have others, just to chat.

So, I find that while I'm nervous about managing this new phase of my life, along with all that will come with it, I'm comforted by the knowledge that I'm not alone. 

Who do you rely on when facing something daunting?

Monday, August 12, 2013

August has always been a busy month in this household. 

In our immediate family we have 4 birthdays and The Craftsman and I celebrate our anniversary.  Add in all the back to school busy-ness and there's little time to slack off.  This year we've also had one wedding shower, a baby shower, and good friends coming to visit for a couple of days. And all of that is on top of housecleaning, cooking and summer yard work.

I've had the added pleasure of celebrating good news, in the guise of several friends learning they are a Maggie finalist.

In the meantime, I've come down -- sort of -- from the high of having sold my first book and have faced the dark tunnel of producing another book.

This should not be a problem.  After all, I didn't sell the first book I wrote. I've written many others so this should be a simple matter of coming up with new characters and ways to make their lives conflicted and difficult before they enjoy that happily-ever-after moment.

However it feels different this time.

I admit the fear kept me paralyzed for a few days. But like most fears, if voiced aloud, it loses much of the power it held over you. I won't go so far as to say I've conquered the fear. I can even rationalize and say I believe the fear will help me stay on task. In my opinion, the fear rarely, if ever, goes away in the life of a writer.

I have also, this month at least, given myself permission to enjoy the blessings of my life and family.  I work on the new manuscript, or try to, every day. Granted some of that work is not putting actual words on the screen but could be little more than mulling. Eventually that mulling will pay off.

For now, however, the laundry awaits.