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July 2014

Cowboy On Her Doorstep is a contemporary romance about an Army Ranger, Logan Montgomery, who's returned to his family's ranch in Western Montana to mourn the loss of the father who never approved of anything Logan did. But when he arrives home he learns his closest friend - and one night lover - has a little girl as a result of their lovemaking. Now he's forced to prove to the woman he once loved and lost that he's a man who wants to come home if she'll have him.

Deputy Sheriff Kendall Grant wants to build a stable life for her young daughter. When her former lover discovers he's the father of her child she's terrified he'll steal more than her child's heart - he'll shatter hers when he returns to his post in the Army. But when danger strikes and her life is threatened, she turns to Logan for help only to realize her heart was never free of the bonds that drew them together. This time only their love will give them the happiness they deserve - provided Kendall learns to trust Logan again.


Releasing December 2014
from BelleBooks 
     Crown princess of the town’s most influential family, Candace Hart has been in love with Neal Barrows half her life. After a disastrous marriage, she’s decided to do something about her feelings for Neal. Intensely private, high school football coach Neal has learned to be content with what he has rather than what he wants. He may desire Candace, and damn her for making him want her, but believes he has nothing to offer her other than the short-term pleasure of a shared bed.
     Together Neal and Candace work to restore a Youth Center in a neglected part of town. Candace continues to push at Neal’s emotions, to counter his claim that they have no hope of having a relationship.  Finally, in recognition of everything he craves, he gives into his desire.      When his character is called into question, Neal attempts to protect Candace from any smear of gossip by ending their affair, denying how much he wants to have her as a permanent part of his life. Hurt, Candace nonetheless uses a ceremony at the re-opening of the Youth Center as the platform for Neal to be honored by the town. That’s when Neal realizes he is the only one who believes he’s not good enough for Candace. 
     Determined to win her back, Neal conspires to have Candace meet him in the square at the center of town. There he uses friends and family to deliver red roses as he confesses that she and the life they could have together is his dream.  


Private school teacher Grace Winslow has been attracted to Aaron Richardson since the day her rebellious younger sister married the rancher. After her sister deserts Aaron and dies in a car crash, Grace helps Aaron look after her nine month old nephew, Noah, who suffers with chronic health problems. She's determined to keep things platonic, but when Noah needs an operation Aaron can't afford, her guilt over her role in enabling her sister to leave leads Grace to propose marriage as a means to provide insurance coverage for her nephew and save Aaron's ranch from financial ruin.
Even during his hasty, disastrous marriage, Rancher Aaron Richardson had been intrigued by his late wife’s sister. Now he's struggling to work on his ranch during the day and nurse a sick son at night. He's grateful for Grace’s help during the evening, and powerfully attracted to her. But Aaron won't act on his attraction because Grace is everything he's not: refined, delicate, educated. Still, he agrees to her outlandish proposal if only to help his son Noah get the medical care he needs. Soon they develop a bond forged out of mutual respect and trust as they care for Noah and the ranch together. But for a man who values and respects honesty, he’s hiding a secret from Grace about his role in allowing his wife’s desertion.

Now only the love that's blooming between them can save Aaron and Grace from the repercussions of the truth when it's revealed.

Discovery Phase

Marketing guru Emily Henderson wants to climb the corporate ladder to success, but when she tries to stop her brother's wedding in the wilds of Montana, she meets the one man who may derail all her plans. 
Rugged outdoorsman Carson McBride wants to build a simple life with the right woman after walking away from a successful stockbroker career, but when he's stranded in a cabin with a city girl who's completely wrong for him, he can't resist acting upon his attraction. 

Now the only way he can convince this hot city slicker to trade in her stilettos for cowboy boots is to show her that he's worth the risk. 

Discovery Phase

Undercover Homeland Security expert Dawson Hart wants to forget the one mistake he made which cost him the woman he loved and the lives of his colleagues, but when he leaves the service to return to his hometown, the past and his future collide. Now he must convince his former lover to forgive him for her father's death if he's going to have the future he deserves.

Quilt shop owner Savannah Carrington wants to hide from the public's scrutiny after a tragic shootout leads to her entire family's death during her vice presidential father's reelection campaign, and she also loses the one man who swore to protect them and her heart. But when she opens up shop in her dead lover's small town, she's shocked to learn that the man she thought was dead is very much alive and he's determined to prove he's worth another chance.

She's determined to fight her attraction to Dawson, but when her new friends and his family conspire to bring them back together, Savannah can't resist Dawson's magnetic pull. But when the past resurrects, and danger threatens, Dawson and Savannah must finally overcome their guilt and their grief before they can truly live happily-ever-after in Fortune Falls.


aka Hope For The Future
Linda Howard Award of Excellence Winner

Small town Mayor Hope MacFarland is desperate to find financial backing for her plan to convert an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town into a first class spa facility. She has what she believes is solid interest from Vaughn Investments – until she receives a call from the son and heir apparent of the CEO. He has questions – and concerns.
Jackson Vaughn’s reason for coming to check on his mother’s interest in Mayor MacFarland’s proposal is motivated by personal concern for his mother’s recent questionable business decisions. Helping a small town rebuild its economy is not part of his plan to save the company from financial ruin and replace his ailing mother as CEO. But he finds himself impressed – by the town, the business model and by the charming Mayor.
After the two negotiate terms for the contract, Jackson commits to a weeklong stay in Fortune Falls to get the project off the ground. Soon their business deal leads to a more intimate connection. But as long as Jackson has professional obligations in Atlanta and Hope has her roots firmly planted in Fortune Falls, business might be all they’ll have together.


aka Relative Truth

Maggie Award for Excellence Winner

No one ever loved defense lawyer Taylor Adams the way Lucas Black had - not even her late husband. No one had ever betrayed her as Lucas had either. Now he’s suddenly appeared on her doorstep in the middle of the night.
Lucas never loved anyone as much as he’d loved Taylor – until his son was born. Now he’s sacrificed his pride in order to convince her to prove his son’s innocence. He doesn't anticipate that Taylor has secrets of her own.
Taylor and Lucas once shared everything, including a dream of the future. But old wounds make it hard to trust with the same freedom as before. Desire has no such reservations and as the sparks fly between them, the truth comes out and threatens their future.

Self-contained business consultant Jill Hatcher’s one goal in life is to allow no one control over her life. Especially a man. But when she accepts her best friend’s request to set-up and manage an in-house day care for three months, and be available to coach her friend through childbirth, Jill has to work with the one man who has the power to break down the barriers guarding her heart.
Over-protective single father, Michael Faraway wants a stable life for his four year old son and himself. While he does indulge his passion for Jill he tries to shield his son from being hurt by a woman who has made it clear she isn’t looking for a long-term commitment. But when Michael sees Jill’s rapport with his son he becomes determined to find a way to keep her in his life.
Michael and his adorable son expect everything – and offer more than Jill dared dream. Determined to hold onto her independence she’s afraid to let emotions rule her decisions. Only when a heart is shattered will her answer become crystal clear.

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