Wednesday, February 20, 2013

     One of the first things I did after returning from my critique/brainstorming trip last weekend was get my hair cut. In the way that usually happens, the beautician and I started chatting about jobs, families, and all the other subjects that tend to crop up between women. She related the story of how she and her husband married because the only way he could leave Vietnam with her family was if they were married. But that was after she’d taken two weeks to pray and consider carefully if she was making the right decision. Obviously she had, as she told me they would soon be celebrating their 34th anniversary.

     Even before I started writing romances, I loved hearing stories of how couples met. It’s one of my favorite past times.  

     The Craftsman and I met on a blind date.  It is the one and only blind date I ever went on.  Less than three months later I found myself engaged and married a short four months after that. I’ve never considered myself the impulsive type but I took that leap of faith. I’ve never regretted it. Well, maybe once or twice when tempers have flared, feelings have been hurt or I’ve been exhausted after being up all night with a sick child – just saying. :)
     I’m so blessed to have a husband who believes in me, supports and encourages me along this journey toward publication. This journey, like a marriage, is not always smooth sailing. There have been detours, hurt feelings and doubt when reading a rejection, the thrill and excitement of winning a contest.
     All of it, the marriage and the journey, have been worth everything they have required.

     How did you meet your significant other?