Monday, June 16, 2014

Lessons from a weekend

As I mentioned I attended my first ever Reader's Luncheon this past weekend.

It was preceded by a day and a half visiting my critique partner, Christine Glover. As always, Christine's warmth, friendship and boundless energy have fueled me to plunge back into the new manuscript I've started. Her generosity also extended to an advanced birthday gift in the form of her college kid designing the graphics for my newsletter. The CK did an amazing job!  I can't wait to have some news - like the reveal of my cover! - and let you all see how sleek and polished it looks. Provided, I took good enough notes and can remember how to utilize all the neat little tabs and inserts that the CK showed me. She has promised to include a link on this page so if you're interested you can sign up for my newsletter -- after she returns from visiting Mickey Mouse!

The CK also started on a new banner for the street team that Christine and I have joined forces on. Christine is more social media savvy than I so she has graciously included me in this venture. It should be a positive force for both of us.

The Reader's Luncheon was lovely. The ladies of the Heart of Dixie chapter of RWA were warm and welcoming. I had the pleasure of sitting at the table of authors Carla Swafford and Susan Carlisle, who treated us with multiple goodies! I met readers and authors alike, made some new friends, connected with old ones. I listened, learned and was entertained by Eloise James' insightful, empowering and humorous speech. I had a lovely dinner with author Kelsey Browning and so enjoyed the opportunity to get to know her better...she is a wealth of information and support.

I came home tired but had a lovely day with family to celebrate Dad's, including my wonderful husband The Craftsman, who indeed is a fabulous father.

Now, it's Monday and back to the reality of juggling this writing journey with a day job.

How was your weekend?