Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Family Blessings?

This past Sunday the family gathered at our house for the annual Easter fest. There was laughter, way too much food, more than a few adult beverages consumed and the fierce competition of our annual tournaments. People, there were trophies at stake :)

This was our fifth year for the The Craftsman and I to host the Easter family gathering. In preparation, on Saturday, we ran errands in the cold damp weather and then, again in the cold damp weather, tried to ready to outside for the projected sunny, warmer temperatures. Let me say that whatever we did to prepare was relatively minor when compared to the number of people who were coming....including children the count totaled 24. In the family into which I married, everyone contributes, thus the way too much food.

We laughed, often at each other. The longer we talk, the louder we get. There were some serious discussions, some quiet moments and yes even a few disagreements. We pry into one another's personal business with unrepentant audacity. We are, after all, a family of individuals, all raised to be strong and independent.

I'll be the first to admit there are times, for various reasons and an assortment of those strong individuals annoy or distress me. As I'm sure I do to and for them. In the end, however, I'm so blessed and grateful with the sure knowledge that at any time, for any reason, if I need one of them they will do everything within their power to help.

And that, in this every-changing world, is a blessing beyond words.


  1. You are my blessing. Thanks for sharing this new memory with us.