Thursday, May 1, 2014

Time is on my side.

Last week while my critique partner, Christine Glover, was here we discussed our current work in progress, critiquing and brainstorming as needed. We also spent time shopping for items to include in our Debut Author Raffle Basket that we're assembling for the Heart of Dixie Reader's Luncheon in June. We did some other social media activities and rounded out the days by attending an intensive one day workshop given by Margie Lawson.

We talked about future activities we'd like to attend. We went over prospective dates for more writing-get-togethers, we discussed strategies about social media and other business related matters. I even managed to squeeze in a doctors appointment. Throughout all of our talks, we both mentioned how life had gotten more complicated and crowded.

After Christine left on Sunday I wanted to take the time to regroup, maybe take a nap. However, everything that I'd let slide during her visit had to be handled. Laundry needed to be washed, clothes ironed. Yard work needed attention. Shopping had to be done so there were groceries for this week. I have a quilt to finish. Another on the way. And,  not just because he'd cooked for us the past four days, I wanted to spend time with The Craftsman. No, I do not loan him out.

Then it was time to venture back into the real world via the Day Job, where everything that had piled up while I was away had to be handled. I want to get a hair cut. I need to scrub bathrooms and vacuum floors.

Did I mention that I've received my first revisions letter?

The hours have become more precious.

For the most part the revisions are minor, with only a couple of difficult decisions to be made. My editor has invited me to call or email her with any questions or simply to discuss options. That is such a wonderful source of support. That doesn't mean, however, that I take this task lightly. It does mean that some tasks will be delayed, some social events missed.

I just have to find the best way to balance all the time.

How do you manage everything that life throws at us?


  1. I don't know how people with little children or teens and day jobs and houses and husbands with appetites and cars that need repair or gasoline do it....
    I love to write, but frankly the fear of becoming lost in my little imaginary world scares me. Husband doesn't mind cooking...doesn't mind cleaning...or even ironing! But the last time he did MY laundry I ended up with a silk nightie that shrunk to a throw pillow slip. He likes to bbq meat and potatoes and forget the green vegetables - I'm big enough, thank you. He doesn't see dust until he inhales it up his nose and sneezes all night straight.
    Get the picture?
    So I have to break the spell every so often. The dog needs to be walked, my laundry is off limits, and salad is on the table several times a week.
    I actually considered buying dusting slipper-socks I saw at WalMart Monday....

  2. Pamela, I agree that we all need to take a break, to enjoy life, and not just the one we invent in our minds. I have often believed, or rationalized, that the times in the past when I wasn't as dedicated or focused on the writing is because I made the choice to spend more time with family than the blank screen.
    I'm going to look for those dusting slipper socks :)

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